I went away a lover and I came back a stranger/I came back a stranger/I moved so fast that you couldn't even see me/No you can't even see me/Now I can't believe it/So how can I explain it/How can I explain it/Cuz all the lights are dimming down/And all the things I want I cannot have them now/Do yesterdays matter/Will you save this snapshot/I always loved this snapshot/Now darling our life is vanishing before me/It's vanishing before me/Now I can no longer play the role I've always played/As you watch and wait to hear the news/And all the pain that time will allow/It reminds me/All the things I want I cannot have them now/Don't say you'll miss me/I'll be the ocean and the deep blue sky/This is not our time and I can't tell you why/This is not where I expected I would be/See I expected I would be/If I could do it all again I would/I would cherish every moment and live up to every vow/Now all the things I want I cannot have